Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meal Plans, are Diets expensive?

Aside from the benefits you derive from losing those
unwanted pounds, people are always complaining about
that diets are expensive. Well, yes they can be. when you have
to change your eating habits and buy lean meats, veggies and
fruits, instead high carb. items that have little nutritional value.

But what if I would suggest a meal replacement plan to lose?

Same cost or maybe even less expensive?

Your breakfast: Starbucks coffee and a Muffin!
My Breakfast: A delicious shake made with nonfat
milk, or juice, fresh fruit, a mix containing 21 vitamins
and mineral in a flavor of your choice.

Your Breakfast costs between $5 to $8 Dollars and has 1000 Calories
My Breakfast costs between $ 3 to $ 4 Dollars and contains 300 calories.

You are probably hungry at Coffee break and I am fine until Lunch
and I lost 10 pounds in 24 days replacing one meal a day with a shake,
without feeling hungry, tired, or irritable.


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